About Us


We are a team of three founders with complementary skills in the areas of strategy and management, electronics engineering and digital marketing. We are experienced in developing innovative tech-based solutions and creating disruptive business models.

We understand that many people value ease of use & value for money more than climate benefits, however we know that green technologies can deliver both cost savings and management benefits. Our passion is to reimagine antiquated and dirty business models replacing them with something much better.

Our Team

Mark Hardwick

  • Electronics Engineer
  • Director of Software Engineering at Pitop
  • Product Owner at Sports Fusion
  • Java & Perl Developer at Upwork
  • Founds several social networking and mobile exchange platform

Katia Hubchyk

  • Master in Information and Communication
  • Executive Education @ Google Marketing Academy
  • Project and Community Manager for Google in Ireland
  • Founds several digital platforms to help SMEs in SEM and Digital Marketing

Pierino Puigsubirà

  • MBA & Business Coach
  • Multi-industry business developer
  • Marketing Director and Sales Manager in blue-chips
  • Develops and manage building material subsidiary in Iberia
  • Founds and manage Energy Service Company


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