Special Pellet Smart-Meter Launch Offer

Cut the cost of heating by half!

By joining the Biohome revolution you’ll become part of a sustainable project that will automate your biomass installation and make it hasle-free of pellets storage and deliveries. You will drop your carbon footprint drasticaly and gain in management simplicity, avoiding running out of energy and droping your heating bills by half.


A DIY-designed smart-meter placed under the leg of a silo will give you the real-time level of pellets left with high precision in your desktop or smartphone and, after a period of analysing your consumption profile, will predict the future biomass needs and organise deliveries automatically.

It connects via Wifi or 4G to our servers and makes your life easier in the consumption and refills of pellets.

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Unlimited cheap energy

  • Biomass costs half than electricity or gas
  • Biomass is more secure than distant oil and gas

Protect the environment and rural areas

  • Eliminate CO2 emissions with biomass
  • Mitigate local forest fires by using biomass
  • Reactivate forest economy in rural zones

Don’t miss this opportunity

  • Early birds will get a knocked-down price!

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